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Assignments posted in the units listed may contain a link to the assignment.


Science Glossary




Science Assignments:

Monday, March 21: Read Lesson 9-1 (Pages 480-484); Fill in Note Organizer

Thursday, March 31: Binder Activity: Create a definition and a sketch of the following vocabulary terms: mass, weight, volume, and density

Monday, April 4: Read Lesson 9-2 (Pages 490-498); Fill in Note Organizer

Wednesday, April 6: Binder Activity: (Atom Model); Label each part of the atom

Vocabulary Due Friday, April 8

Vocabulary Quiz Tuesday, April 12

Friday, April 8: Read Lesson 10-1 (Pages 520-524) Fill in Note Organizer

Tuesday, April 12: Binder Activity: (States of Matter Chart); Fill in the chart with the correct missing information

Wednesday, April 13: Binder Activity: (States of Matter Foldable); Create two statements related to the topic of each section on the foldable (Detailed Directions)

Tuesday, April 19: Read Lesson 10-2 (Pages 530-533); Fill in Note Organizer; Due Thursday

Thursday, April 21: Read Lesson 10-2 (Pages 534-536); Fill in Note Organizer

Friday, April 22: Binder Activity: (Mixtures Foldable); Complete the foldable by giving the definition and examples of each type of mixture

Vocabulary Due Tuesday, April 26

Vocabulary Quiz Wednesday, April 27

Binder Due Tuesday, May 3: Binder Preview; Binder Checklist

Chapter 9-10 Test: Tuesday, May 3: Study Guide

Monday, May 9: Lesson 1-1 (Pages 22-25); Fill in Note Organizer

Tuesday, May 10: Lesson 1-1 (Pages 26-28); Fill in Note Organizer

Wednesday, May 11: Binder Activity (Venn Diagram); List the similarities and differences of the animal and plant cell

Thursday, May 12: Binder Activity (Color-coded Cells); Use colors on the cell diagrams to similarities and differences in the plant and animal cell structures

Wednesday, May 18: Lesson 1-2 (Pages 34-38); Fill in Note Organizer

Thursday, May 19: Lesson 1-2 (Pages 39-42); Fill in Note Organizer

Friday, May 20: Lesson 1.1-1.2 Vocabulary Due Tuesday

Vocabulary Quiz Wednesday, May 25